Heart-forward construction for our clients + the generations to come.

Good Bones are in the craftspersons who came before us.

They are in the good bones of a house. They are the well-crafted footprints that those builders left behind in the structures that still exist.

Our mission is to collaborate with our clients to craft our collective material-world into something beautiful, secure, flexible to life’s changes, and simply a serene place to be.

The work we do every day will be here long into the future, shaping the reality of how humans live and interact with their place. We understand this as our responsibility to design and build healthy, ecological, resilient homes.

To achieve this mission, we combine craft and science. With in-house expertise in engineering, building science, and design, we approach each project from a systems-thinking perspective. Our tenure in construction, hand-crafted carpentry, and metal fabrication allows us to break the rules and achieve anything we put our minds to.

A start-to-finish, one-team approach

Construction + Craft + Design, all under one roof.


Whole home remodels
Accessory dwelling unit + structure conversion
New home construction
Energy Retrofits
Age-in-place renovations
Kitchen + bath remodels


Wood ​
3d model visualization​​​


Concept design
Floor plan layout
HVAC + comfort engineering
Net zero energy
Passive House Design for resilience + future-proofing
Building science for healthy, durable homes

Co-Create With Us

We specialize in bringing innovative ideas to life.


Flexibility and continuity ​from design to permit to completion.

Construction on your home can be extremely intimidating and a scary leap of faith. We love to be able to walk you through the entire process from initial concept to permitting and through construction. Working with one team from start to finish means you will have ultimate flexibility to make changes along the way. Design, planning, and construction is a collaboration and we are here to put your ideas into action.

Fine details are the essence of a project.

Envision beauty.  Make it reality.

We are a team of many skill sets and craft expertise in-house. Knowing the range of capabilities at the outset of design- as well as the effort to execute them- means that we can design fearlessly outside of the box while being firmly grounded in budget, compatibility, and performance.

Connect to your place and posterity.

Design and build for the future

We are in an era of rapid changes happening on all scales. We see our homes + infrastructure as our baseline support systems for living well through whatever comes our way.

We use our expertise in engineering + systems-thinking to navigate design decisions. As standard practice, we design for volatile future fuel prices, power shut-offs, fire resistance, seismic durability, pest resistance, healthy air and materials, changes in future use patterns such as sub-rentable and/or multi-generational homes, emergency water supply, and factors that are specific to your home, site, and needs. But most importantly, we design for beautiful, joyful, cozy, inspirational spaces that you simply love to be in.

About Us

A contractor and an engineer struck up a conversation about sustainable buildings over a cheese board. The rest is history.

​Spencer Dobrovolny

Spencer is a licensed general contractor dedicated to high-quality craftsmanship that will endure for generations. He brings new life to spaces by drawing on a structure’s history and setting, while also accounting for the current needs of his clients. His eye for design, cultivated over two decades of building, maximizes both utility and flow. Spencer got his start designing and assembling furniture in a high school woodshop, where for the first time he felt the thrill of bringing a vision to life. After earning degrees in Finance and Spanish, Spencer followed his passion into renovating homes near his alma mater, the University of Illinois at Champaign/Urbana. Upon moving to Marin in 2010, Spencer quickly built a reputation for executing exquisite high-end residential projects. His clients appreciate his workmanship and reliability, but the personal relationships Spencer has built over his career are most meaningful. All of his interactions and creations embody his values of collaboration, sustainability, and longevity. Or, in his words, it’s work that is built to last.

​Ashley Murphree

Ashley casts a wide net, driven by a deep desire to impact this world in a positive way.

Always splitting her time between learning, science, and craft, she is a licensed Professional Engineer, holds degrees in Mechanical and Civil Engineering, hand-makes jewelry and leather craft in her free time, has 8 years of experience in architectural welding and metal fabrication, 5 years of commercial HVAC design and sustainability consulting, is a Certified Designer for the rigorous International Passive House building standard, and has built a semi-off-grid home that she now lives in.

She takes her expertise out of the office and into the field, thrilled to spend her days turning ideas into reality.

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